Footprints updates!

Good morning and happy Monday.. Jess here giving everyone some updates.  All of the Footprints BOM's/Clubs are full. Let's just enjoy that for a moment. I know Kelly has more up her sleeve but with her always being 20 steps ahead she sometimes forgets to enjoy that moment.

Okay, moment over haha! Has everyone signed up for the Footprints Newsletter? You can do that right here on the blog.  Just scroll down to the bottom and you will see the white sign up box.  It is a wonderful way to know what is coming up for the month.

On Saturday it's the Mr.Slim wall hanging Project Class.  It's not too late to sign up for that.

Open Sew Class on Wednesday has been only a few artists short of being full.  Please be sure to sign up 5 days before the Wednesday you wish to join.  If you have signed up and found out you can't make it (that's okay, life happens) please let Kelly know as soon as you can.  If the Open Sew Class does fill she might have someone to take that spot.  Same with Friday Open Sew but as of right now a 24 hour notice is fine for sign ups.

It has been wonderful meeting more and more of you ladies.  Not always fast at putting the name with your facebook display photo but starting to work it all out!  Many ask how many years have I been quilting and lets just clear that up now. 0 years! haha I don't have a clue how you guys do what you do but I am amazed by it.  You are very much making this world a more warm and beautiful place.  Thank you Kelly for giving me a window into this world!  -Jess


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