Happy summer to everyone! What fabulous weather we are having!

This is to to catch you up on the shop/classroom status.
LeeAnn and I have started some cleaning in the shop. We are lucky that our husbands have such cool tools we can use ;). We each vacuumed with their shop vacs. It is much more fun to do work together than alone.!

We will be having a lot of discussions about how to set up as I am a clutter bug and LeeAnn is a space nut. I am sure we will be able to reach a pleasing middle.

I am crossing my fingers that sis will be correct in that we will be able to move the classes to the shop in September. The date for actually opening the shop is still in question. However things are coming together and it feels this dream is really going to come true. How lucky am I!! thanks sister!! Love You!!



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