March has been one rainy month. This puts a cramp in our class schedule secondary to water in the basement :(. Last night as I was finishing a couple items I realized how much I was missing the camaraderie and laughter!

I finished a bag... not sure if I am happy with the handle. But it is good to try different design elements. See the pic!

Our Saturday class was fantastic. Everyone did beautifully!! The finished items were spectacular..... I hope all were pleased with their finished product.

I am still vacillating between knitting and sewing. I can't wait until sister finds the perfect shop/home to purchase. When that happens I think sewing will be my primary craft. I can't wait for a classroom to create in.... and I will have my sis to help pick up after I make my messes... :). hehe.

I hope April brings sunshine and lots of sewing!
Keep busy doing something you love.... Kelly


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