Well it sure feels like summer is over. I've been torn when the sun is shining as I feel I should be outside when I want to be inside sewing....

And always in my thoughts "Christmas will be here before I'm ready, what will I make for people??" Well my boys all have 2-3 quilts each.. and really how much can 2 eighteen year olds and a 21 year old get excited over yet another one???? although the oldest went for an overnight hike up Mount Chocorua... what did he bring to sleep under?????? well.... a quilt I made!!... The father told him he should take a sleeping bag because it would be cold.... of course he knew better... I guess I will take that as a compliment!! (however he was cold and said next time he will bring a sleeping bag).....

Fall classes have started.. Soon we will be completing the 2009 class list. Hope to have some make and take classes for people to have gifts for giving. I wish the classroom was bigger!! Everyone have positive thoughts that LeeAnn and Mike will find the perfect home/business property to purchase... (I don't think I can wait a couple of years).

Hope to see you in one of our classes!!


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